[Meet] Celebrity Fashion Stylist Annie Funn


Meet Annie Funn – originally a Los Angeles based stylist, Annie has worked with many notable names e.g., Adrienne Maloof of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Musiq Soulchild, Christina Milian, Hosea Chanchez, and others. Annie has made small screen appearances on What Not to Wear, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her work has been seen by many on magazine covers, catalogs, and billboards. As a previous intern for Funn, I’m familiar with her passion and dedication to her craft. Annie took a chance on me as a student with little experience and gave me an opportunity that otherwise would have surpassed me. In 2012, she  transitioned to corporate styling as a full-time wardrobe stylist for Kohl’s Department Store. There, she’s responsible for creating looks for print ads such as mailers, in-store marketing, digital/web, etc.

Check out our interview below!

On what inspired her to become a stylist

I was inspired to become a stylist by the hip hop music videos of the late 90’s.  I use to watch the flashy music videos and think to myself, I want to dress those people.  One video that stuck out in particular was Mo Money Mo Problems, I was in love with the shiny suits and the vivid color… June Ambrose styled several of these videos that held my fascination.

On the first celebrity she styled

The first celebrity I styled was a comedian.  The experience was fun, he was very playful… he kept spinning around on a metal chair while wearing his suit and somehow ended up cutting his finger and bleeding all over his tie!

On transitioning from freelance to corporate

Being freelance is essentially running your own business, you are the business.  Theres a lot more running around to do, wardrobe pulls, and returns.  Now that I am styling specifically for one retailer everything I need is more or less here at their studio.  I still encounter a lot of variety, working with people from all over the world, on different projects, but its a different kind of variety.

On her favorite designer 

I would have to say I have two… both Frida Giannini of Gucci and Oliver Rousteing for Balmain.  A moment I will never forget… I was assisting Emmanuel Alt on the Gucci spring campaign, once we wrapped Frida greeted everyone pouring glasses of champagne, she handed me mine… recapping the event in my hotel room later that night, I almost died.

On what trend she hopes goes out of style

Over contoured faces. (Agree)

On what inspires her

What inspires me most is my family and having a sense of feel-good-ness in my spirit.  If it feels right I go for it.

On her advice to young hopefuls

The advice I would give to anyone seeking to follow their dreams is to decide what you want, figure out how to get there, and then go.  If you fail take a different route until you arrive!

To see Annie’s work, check out her website | personal blog


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