[PHOTOS] Xchange Artistry by Brittany C (4.26.14)


This past Sunday (April 26, 2014) Brittany Carethers hosted the first of many Xchange Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 2.20.15 AMArtistry Networking Soiree’s at Indulj Lounge in Washington, DC. The event featured talented vendors from all over the city, speacializing in different areas of expertise. Franque B Nails, Klutch It, The Difference Vintage Boutique, Lilly Corbin Cosmetics, Ego Boutique, The Regal People, and Fashion Treatz, each had their talent on display with pop-up shops and nail bars ready to pamper the attendees. Bloggers, hair stylist, make-up artist, photographers, models, etc. were able to come out for a fun-filled day of cocktails, conversation, and good company while having the opportunity to network and xchange information with talented people that otherwise would have passed them by.

Xchange Artistry is a trade for photos company created for aspiring models, photographers, designers, hair-stylist, and make-up artist, says the companies Instagram bio. XA is built around allowing different talents to piggy-back off of each other to create even greater work. The beautiful thing about this, is that it gives people the opportunity to connect with those that perhaps they would have never spoken to had they bumped into them elsewhere. Often times our ego’s interfere with us actually networking and helping each other get to where we want to be. Endless love to Brittany Carethers for taking an idea and turning it into something great for so many people!

Check out a few photos from the event below!

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So much talent in one room! Be sure to follow Xchange Artistry on Instagram and Twitter for company updates and information on the next event!

Photos by Shelby Coley


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