If You Could Grow Up In Any Fashion Era, Which Would It Be?

From the bell bottom trend of the seventies, to the shoulder pad craze of the eighties, or even the plaid overload of the nineties — which era proves to be the most stylish? Let’s face it. There’s no real style in the new millennium. Everyone takes bits and pieces of what’s already been done. Long gone are the daring days of Grace Jones and the sophisticated looks of Jackie O. The majority of current trends mirror threads worn by many of our icons ages before we gave it a modern twist.

Let’s take a peek at a few vintage trends that have made their way back into our closets.

composite_144542884037601970s The carefree zeitgeist of the 70s shined through the hippie, whimsical tone of the wardrobes of many during this era. How many have seen J-Lo and Kylie Jenner strolling the streets in super-wide legged jeans? Or oversized sunglasses? Stevie Nicks was sporting this look decades ago, posing for the camera on the hood of a vintage Camaro.

Stevie Nicks 1975 | Jennifer Lopez 2015


1980s In recent years, Ray Ban has resurfaced as the go-to brand when searching for a casual and stylish pair of shades. What many don’t know is the brand was re-born in a big way during the eighties when the popular wayfarer was often seen on Madonna, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, and others. Now, virtually everyone has at least one pair of the popular shades in their accessories closet.

Madonna 1983 | Taylor Swift 2015

composite_144542869781881990s As previously mentioned, the 90s was filled with individuality, ripped jeans, cropped tops, and lots of plaid. TLC was without a doubt a major contributor to many trends that surfaced in the 90s with their constant risk-taking and oversized, baggy wardrobe that hid their figures versus magnifying them. Forcing the world to pay attention to their talent rather than their bodies.

TLC 1990something | Zendaya 2015


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